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  1. Name / LJ nick: Sophia
    Item: Cream tee with checkered pockets
    Rating: +++
    Comment/s: Friendly seller!

  2. Name / LJ nick: michelle/ opticnick
    Item: Black Wingtip Platform Brogues
    Rating: Positive
    Comment/s: Very efficient and hassle-free transaction. Shoes in excellent condition. A very nice and kind boy. Thanks Rubin.

  3. Name : Kathryn Tan
    Item: F21 feather necklace!
    Rating: POSITIVE!! :D
    Comment/s: Friendly and really kind seller!

  4. Name : Charity
    Item:Red Stripe Long Sleeves Shirt & Blue Checkered Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt
    Rating: Positive
    Comment/s: The items are in excellent condition and seller is really nice and reliable(responsive).

  5. Name: Joon
    Items: Uniqlo blue chambray shirt, Uniqlo dry stripe navy tee, Quick dry dark purple plain tee
    Rating: Positive
    Comment/s: Friendly, flexible and efficient :)

  6. Name / LJ nick: Ellis
    Item: Glamourkills Wonderous Mr Fox Tee
    Rating: ++++
    Comment/s: Friendly, hilarious n efficient! :-)

  7. Name: Huifern
    Item: Fjallraven Kanken Mini backpack
    Rating: Positive
    Comment/s: Friendly n' efficient :)

  8. Name: TX
    Item: Grey Suede Boat Shoes
    Rating: Positive
    Comments: Friendly, fast and efficient! :D

  9. Name / LJ nick:Charmaine
    Item: gray beanie
    Rating: positive
    Comment/s: fast seller~

  10. Name / LJ nick: Bertha
    Item: uniqlo grey tee + dark grey sweater
    Rating: +tive!
    Comment/s: Fuss free! Made him came all the way down to MY convenience when he's already making a loss! Didn't confirm on meeting him on 1 day and he actually made a wasted trip as well but despite this, he was still patient! Would definitely recommend this online store! :) thanks once again!

    Hy x

  11. Name / LJ nick: Joon
    Item: Boy London inspired tee
    Rating: Positive
    Comment/s: really nice, efficient seller !!!! not the first time purchasing from him :)

  12. Name / LJ nick: Nat
    Item: 2 volta tees and a navy blue sweatshirt
    Rating: Positive
    Comment/s: Really nice and patient! Waited a month for me as I was really busy and didn't transfer the money but he was understanding. Would really recommend this store. :) Thanks for the items mate!